Sunday, July 8, 2012

School Supplies Sale

Does anyone else get excited for the Back to School ads? I'm about to run to Staples (can you tell I LOVE that store?).... Penny Sales have started!! Penny Rose-Art crayons, Staples glue, and packs of Bic-Pens. Once again you need to have a $5 purchase, but there's a bunch of  25 and 50 cent, and $1 items, so it's no big deal. If you spend $30, there's a $5 off coupon. I have a feeling I'll spend $'s like Target, I can't leave without spending tons of money. The slider pencil cases are 50 cents this week... I usually get them for my "birthday boxes" that I give to students each year. I'm debating if I want to go buy them now or wait and hope they get cheaper....

Have you gotten your Back-to-school savings pass yet? I bought mine last week, and I can use it on the items I already mentioned!

This was just from my first trip to Staples... last week I had a coupon for 15% off anything I could fit in this bag (plus the bag was free!).

Office Max has some great deals too! 10 free folders after you spend $5!! They have primary and intermediate writing journals this week for 50 cents! A ream of paper is only a penny after their rebate and card discount (do you have your teacher card?). Plenty of $1 items like binders (no insert for a picture cover), index cards, generic post-it notes, sharpies, and generic dry erase markers.

Office Depot has some items, but they're buy 2 get 1 free (not bad but certainly NOT a penny!!).  They're not on my list right now!

Target has 50 cent poly folders (love them for the take-home folders!) and 99 cent Crayola items like markers and crayons. They have a much better sharpie marker deal - 2 for $1!! Target's own couponshave $3 off a clothing item - because I'll need some new clothes to teach in come August!

JoAnn Fabrics has a 50% off one item, and a good sale today. If you are hoping to make a pennant banner for your classroom like I am, it's a good time to go buy the wickie stick (use the 50% off coupon) if the fabric is alreayd on sale. Use your teacher discount card there for an additional 15% off.  $1 off ready to decorate letters too! I'm thinking of a Monday Made It project on my hands.

Happy Shopping!!! Did you find any other great deals? Tell me about them!

Disclaimer... this is all from the Chicago Ads. I know the sales vary by region. Actually, that's sometimes the best, I'll go in and show another region's ad, and they'll honor it... or it's vacation time - drive to find the deals - in another state!

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