Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Math Games

I hope y'all have had a fabulous holiday! It's nice to finally be on break (both school and graduate school)! It's been forever, but I have a lot planned to share, so check back often! 

In January, my kiddo's are going to learn how to multiply two digit by one digit numbers. One of the most common mistakes I've seen (if they're ready for it) is them not remembering their basic facts. In order to circumvent this, I've put together a January Multiplication Game sheet. Each square will contain different games. Most of the games have been inspired by all the different blogs I've come across or from my first masters degree (math specialist).  I'll be posting them frequently, so check back.

The first game is Snowman Grab. Cut all the cards and put them in a baggie (a colored lunch bag works best). Put the kiddos in small groups, and let them play. Each student picks out a card. They read the number sentence with the answer. If they're correct, they get the card. If they're wrong they put the card back. If they pull out a snowman, they have to put all their cards back in. I usually set a timer for 6 minutes, and the winner is the one at the end with the most cards. 

The second game is Domino Game. Students lay out all the dominoes, and pick two at a time. They have to subitize the dots on the pieces and then multiply them together.

I have cards for both so download them and let me know what you think!