Saturday, July 21, 2012

App Happy.... Linky Party

Hope over at 2nd Grade Shenanigans is having an App Linky party!  This summer, I was fortunate to take an IPad App Class for K-2 teachers through our district. It was wonderful, and I found all these amazing apps!

The first app that I can't live without are the "green apps" as I call them... or the Math Tappers. Talk about amazing. They base the mathematical thinking off of the ten frames and arrays. There are so many versions, there will be one for your grade level.  Some of them are Finding Sums, Multiples, Fractions, Equivalents, and I think Time. The student love it. It makes a great app because students can track their own progress and as a teacher, you can track and print their scores. ThisI've used this as a first approach (tier 1) intervention for some of my kiddos.  It works! Did I mention, it's FREE??

I'll be teaching fractions to my little ones this year, and the app Pizza Fractions is awesome! It's very visual and the levels can be changed to suit the needs of your students. You just have to click on the small i to change the level (easy, medium, or hard). I believe there is a more difficult Pizza Fractions for the upper grades.

For writing, I am loving My Story. Students can create their own book... they start with a cover which they can design. For the pages of the book, they can type the text (it's helpful to have it prewritten because it looks weird, this is the unfriendly part of the app) and even record themselves reading it.  Just like the the cover, they can draw their own illustrations. This app isn't free, but it's not very expensive. I found this one this summer and can't wait to use it with my kiddos.

I saved the best for last... Rover! Rover has saved the day for me even outside of the classroom. It's a kidfriendly internet searcher like Google or Nettrecker but it allows you to watch FLASH videos on your Ipad!  Yes, I told you it was the best! Ohhh, it was wonderful watching our dog on the petcam while we were on vacation because of this App. 

I don't have a class set of Ipads, but we do have 20 in our building. I also bring my own Ipad into my classroom and let the students use mine.  I can't wait to find even more apps. Thanks for hosting this party Hope!


  1. Thanks for linking up! :) Can't wait to check these out!


  2. Great the writing one!