Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

I love celebrating my students' birthdays! I try to make it as special as I can.  First of all we always sing... I'd post a video of me singing our songs, but you're actually going to be thankful that I didn't!  We all sing the traditional Happy Birthday song, and then 2 birthday songs that run in our family. I always teach these songs on the first few days of school... I'll pull in a specials teacher to practice with. Kids LOVE it. 

Then, the students write their name on the board, and I pass out birthday letters to the kids. Each kid writes a letter to the birthday student. It's the cutest thing ever... especially when you see your big tough kids beam when they see what their peers have written. It makes my day!

I have a few versions of the birthday letters for you... Kindergarten, Primary, and Intermediate.  I hope you can use them. The images are from KPM Doodles. She always has the CUTEST graphics. Love them!  

I also write a student a letter and give them a present.  It isn't much but the kids love them. Staples pencil box, pop a point pencil (found mine at Target for $1), birthday bookmark, and an eraser (from Staples). Target has super cute stars in their Dollar Section that would be perfect for this.  Next week at Walgreens those same boxes will be 39 cents!!

My birthday boxes.

I'm toying between getting these from Really Good Stuff:

Aren't they cute?!?! They come in sets of 32 for $8.99. Since I hate to buy anything that's not on "sale," I haven't made my purchase yet... just waiting on a coupon!

Since I'm going to first grade, I was thining about doing something similar to Rachelle's birthday bag over at What the Teacher Wants!  I like the idea of the students writing at home. My birthday is one of the first weeks of school, so I think they would have a good model.

What do you do for your students' birthdays?

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