Monday, July 9, 2012

Sad Staples Day

I was majorly bummed to find out about the new "teacher amount" policy at Staples today. I'm so used to the 25 limit... and today I found out it's what's posted in the advertisement. If you want to get a class amount, you have to pay for it upfront and then you'll get refunded in Staples Rewards at the end of the quarter.

Majorly Bummed.


Sad day.

I love Staples.... Their 25 amount allowed me to save on gas when it's $4 a gallon because I didn't have to run to 5 different stores across the city and suburbs.

Now I have to, oh and drag my family members in there too. Lucky them.

I talked to the nicest manager though.... he was telling me how all the managers are upset by this and corporate didn't listen. He gave me numbers to call to relay my frustration. He was so nice! If you want the numbers, let me know!

I did walk out the door today with  $12 of loot.  I just have to go back about 5 more times to get all of those 50 cent slider pencil cases for my birthday packs.  I was hoping to buy and make them all tonight (I love getting something crossed off my GIANT list of something to do)!  Oh well.

I'm thinking tomorrow morning will be a major shopping day. I'm trying to decide on what theme... Wild About Learning (using zebra/leopard print) and using Melanie's designs as inspiration, or just sticking to primary colors... any suggestions/ideas/tips are wanted.

How have your shopping trips been?

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