Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scientists Matter in 2012

School starts on Monday and we'll be ringing in the new year with some fun science activities. Our next science unit is Matter.  This is our first physical science unit of the school year, so we haven't done any experiments yet. In order to get the kiddo's ready, we'll be doing an experiment with skittles.  We'll start off by seeing what happens to a skittle when we put it in water (use clear bowls to be able to see this - plastic work great!).  Have you done this? It's neat!  After we do this, students will share their results and then we'll  change a variable and see what happens.  Kids looovvveee to use other liquids like 7-Up or even glue!  We'll be reviewing the scientific process as we do this.

I'll also be having the students discuss what they're doing as scientists and how these are characteristics of scientists. Then, they'll write about why scientists matter.  I'm going to have them fill out the sheet below.

I created three different levels. You can get them here with a banner! Free!  You know the construction kid cut out from Abby at The Inspired Apple? I think they'll decorate one as a scientist and voila - an easy bulletin board! 

Hopefully someone can use it!!

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