Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So of course, I've had the time to post, and what happens to my work computer? It becomes overcome by a virus/trojan. Blarg. I don't have any of my programs on my home computer so I'm out of luck working on my Bingo thing until next week when it will get fixed.

However, check out Tara's Math Bags over at 4th Grade Frolics. I LOOOOVVVEE this idea so much! It's just what I've been trying to do without the bag. I hope the Dollar Tree's in Chicago are ready for me tomorrow! 

For some more ideas of what to find to go in them check out the Teaching Blog Addict's site.  This site has been linked to many ideas I've found on Pintrest (what am I going to do once I go back to school next week?!). I love the Snake game I found on Love 2 Learn and Share.

If you started back today, hopefully it went well or perhaps you're lucky like me and still enjoying break!

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