Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Organization

Oh wow! Has this been a crazzzy two weeks for me!  I'm excited to finally have the time to blog and link up with Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin'! I've been all about organizing this summer so here I go!

Last year was my first year in first grade and boy, did I learn a thing or two! I was thankful to purchase so many wonderful units off of TpT, and spent so much time and effort printing, cutting, laminating, and cutting some more and putting the pieces in the bags!

Then when I gave them to my kiddos.... oh boy was it a disaster. "No that's my piece" "No mine" Oops, this piece fell out.  Seriously, it was the worst.  Could I get mad at my little ones? No - I was the dummy who learned I needed to label more. 

In order to keep pieces together, I began labeling each set of pieces:

And then put the pieces in a labeled bag. Each bag in a plastic sleeve.

I also put a paper copy of the item in the sleeve as well so I knew what it was later in the year.  This took me an extra 5 minutes, and I know it will be so worth my time. This above unit is Susan Moran's Numbers to 120 set. It's awesome! I even sent some of it home for parents to work with their children on. Love!

For some other of my units I invested in some binders and more plastic sleeves. Why did I print them out? Because too often my computer is projecting and I remember seeing something! It's much quicker for me to get grab my binders (all stashed by my small group table) and ask a kid to run and get something copied. It's just what I found works for me.
(I cannot get the picture to rotate..grr... it's Reagan's I LOVE LITERACY pack!)

 Now this time I have all the pieces that I could use for lessons ready to go in the sleeves:

Now I can just whip them out when I'm ready to teach!   This is the best organization system I've found that works... and hopefully will allow me to keep some of my sanity too this year.

See you back tomorrow for some more Teacher Week '13!

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