Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pairing Up Students

How do you pair up students?  There are soooo many ways. One of my favorites is the picture generator on Smartboard... have you seen it? LOVE it!  This works great, but sometimes my firsties need a little movin' around. Plus, I'm all about trying to sneak in early numeracy skills whenever I can.   Sometimes it's as simple as passing a deck of cards and having them match the numbers.

Other times, it's all about using a deck of number cards (and of course strategically handing them out in order) and calling out different combinations to allow students to pair up. I might give a student 81 and 86 and have students that have 8 tens to pair up.  Another one might be, 44 and 34 - students with four ones pair up.

These are some great flashcards you can use that I found on Amazon, or you can just make your own deck with index cards.

Do you love ten frames like me?  Yes, they make my heart giddy. Best part, I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY as we determine what day of school we're on (more to that later).  So why not have the students match up and pair up using ten frames?

Voila, here is my latest creation, Match Up, Pair Up... Ten Frame Style!  I'm going to print these on colored cardstock, laminate, and cut and have them ready for when my firsties need some of their new partners in August.


I'm thinking of making some more.... money, addition/subtraction facts, the possibilities are endless.
How do you pair up your students when they need partners?

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